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LabVIEW is a graphical programming language for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and SUN. It uses icons (Virtual Instruments - VI) instead of text like Pascal, Fortran or C languages. The user interface is called front panel and a block diagram has the code. LabVIEW contains libraries for data collection, analysis, presentation and storage. I work with LabVIEW 6.1 for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP.

The LabVIEW Run-Time Engine must be installed on any machine that is going to run an application. “Convagle” program contains this Run-Time. So, you download and install it first. Part1, 2, 3 and 4 represents an installation kit divided in 4 zip parts. You’ll have 4 parts of a “rar sfx” archive after unzip. Unrar and you’ll get the installation kit.  The next programs could be copied  directly to a folder.

This example shows a front panel with menu bar, run button,
numeric control , indicator and a boolean stop button.

CTRL-H means help. Just put the mouse over a control - indicator
and you'll see a short description (if I put it there).

Right click on a graph and you'll get new options !
Front Panel
 Next , SUDS and SAC bin Utilities

   Conversion Angle ( Convagle ) + RUN TIME LabView 6.1                                                               Angle
Without run time you cannot run the next programs.

   part1,  part2,  part3,  part4
   View PC-SUDS Files                                                                                                                           View
This program is useful if you want to see the structure of a "wvm" or "dmx" file. It contains a "pick" VI too.
SUDSUTIL.INI file could be edited.
   World Map                                                                                                                                            map
Put cursors d0 and d1 in a position and you'll get the distance and the bearing. This program waits the
localisation informations and move the S (seism) cursor.
  RdFile_x                                                                                                                                                Pict1   Pict2   Pict3
- Graphics : plotting earthquake data, software to visualize SUDS files (wvm, dmx) ;
- DataProcessing and Visualisation: software to visualize, digital filters (FIR, IIR), pick and analysis seismograms with window selector (Hanning, Rectangular, Blackman,Hamming, Gaussian), STA/LTA analysis, S/N ;
- Data format input : SUDS (wvm, dmx) ;
- Data conversion : SUDS (wvm, dmx) to SAC bin, integer 16 bits and SUDS wvm to SUDS dmx (you don't need "demux" utility) .
Click on a station name and you'll get a new windows with filtering possibility. The "Time Zone" is important. Select GMT and you'll get the original time.
Read SUDS File RdFile
   Demux + SudsJoin + SudsTrim                                             
This program uses few utilities from http://www.banfill.net/index.html .
Application: it joins files from an acquition system and trim them with other file joined from a second acquisitin system;
Data format input: SUDS files;
Data format output: one SUDS (dmx) file.
  RdSac_x                                                                                                                                    readmeFig1   Fig2   Fig3
- Graphics : plotting earthquake data, software to visualize SAC bin files ;
- "ADD" SAC bin files into a single graph;
- DataProcessing and Visualisation: Time-frequency analysis STFT,Adaptive,Cone Shaped,CWD, Gabor, WVD with window selector (Hanning, Rectangular, Blackman,Hamming, Gaussian).
- Data format input : SAC bin ;
- Data conversion : SAC bin to SUDS (dmx).
Read SUDS File RdSac

Finally some files are too large for this site, so you could send me an e-mail and I'll send you what you need. Good luck !
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