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Victorin TOADER

   System Engineer


  Educational Background
    Dip. Eng.  in  Electronics  &  Telecommunications,
    Bucharest University 1983.
   Employment History

          1983 – 1994 System Engineer, Research and Design Institute for Electrical Engineering (ICPE SA) Bucharest;
          1994 – 1996 Research Engineer, ICPE SA Bucharest;
          1996 – 2000 System Engineer, Imperial Electric SA Bucharest, National Instruments's System Integrator;
          2000 – 2001 System Engineer, Geoseismo Bucharest, Vibrometric's (Finland) research center in Bucharest.
          2001 – 2012 System Engineer, FOTON2000, seismological alert system + acquisition and analysis software + 
                               GPS synchronization, digital and analog communications, seismic station.          
          2012 –          Researcher, National Intitute of Research and Development for Earth Physics (INFP).


Hardware and LabVIEW Acquisition


          I have experience in software and hardware (PC and microprocessors). The latest system is Automatic Test Equipment (43K)
          for Synchro-Resolver Transducers. I made 3 projects (hardware and software) for production and research and I installed few
          in Germany (LTN Servotechnik Company). Since 1994 I have used National Instruments (USA) software and hardware:
          LabVIEW for Windows, a graphical programming language, LabWindows for Windows or DOS, PC data acquisition boards,
          remote and distributed acquisition  (TCP/IP), signal conditioning, PID control. I have connected programmable instrumentation
          (108K, oscilloscopes, multimeters, PLC, voltmeters, generators) using GPIB, RS232, RS485, RS422, BCD interfaces. I use
          microcontroller from ZWorld Company (USA) for I/O, relays, operator interfaces and timer operations, motion control.
          The software is written in C and assembler. I was involved in themes like:

   Interests - personal

    Contact information

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